Learning at Home

Trinity's approach to Learning at Home

  • Seesaw will be used to deliver learning for P/1 Junior Grades
  • Google Classroom will be used to deliver learning for 2-6 Middle and Senior Grades
  • Google Meet will be used by Classroom and Specialist Teachers to video call classes at set times
  • Junior students (Grade Prep/1) will have a Seesaw code AND a Gmail account-username and password. (This is because we want to keep the Google meetings secure and inaccessible to accounts outside the Trinity Domain)
  • Students without devices or internet access need to contact the school to organise a collection
  • Students with a disability, who are vulnerable, or are children of essential workers may come to school to learn. 

Please make sure you are using Google Chrome to access all platforms for Trinity and NOT other internet engines (such as Safari, Internet Explorer, or Firefox). Download chrome for: 


Watch this video to learn how to sign into your google account AND into the Chrome browser. Please make sure your child Turns SYNC ON so they are able to access bookmarks from school. 


Google Sign in link



To assist you during the lockdown period Trinity provides a Technology Support Page which offers information on how to use all the online platforms at Trinity including: Seesaw, Google Classroom, Google Meet, Kami, Key Links, Scholastic Lexiles, as well as a range of Chrome extensions. You must be logged in to your child's Trinity google account in order to access the Technology Support Page below. 


Technology Support Page Link 



Student Portal Page

The Student Portal Page is also only accessible by logging in to your child's Trinity account. Students use the portal at school to navigate to different platforms quickly and easily. You can also access the Tecnhology Support Page via this site. 




Please email Wellbeing Leader Miss Antonella atsakmakis@tcs.catholic.edu.au (Monday/Tuesday/Thursday) to organise collection of devices and Technology Leader Miss Georgie(Wednesday-Friday) for student usernames and passwords or for any technology inquiries ghession@tcs.catholic.edu.au 

For immediate/urgent Technology Support call Centorrino Technologies on 99986392 
Give your child's name and school name Trinity Catholic School, Richmond.

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