School Fees

Fees are determined by the Trinity Primary School Board and reviewed annually. Accounts are sent home at the commencement of each term.


School Fees for 2021 remain unchanged from 2020

Yearly School Fees - $910 per family
Tuition Levies - $388 per child
Excursions - $155 (Prep to Year 4)
Excursions - $135 (Grade 5-6)
Camp Levy -$320 (Year 5/6 only)
Camp Levy - $135 (Year 3/4 only)
Interschool Sports Levy - $40 - Per child
Swimming - $90 per child


At Trinity Primary School we believe that no student should be excluded because of an inability to pay fees. In these cases a suitable fee structure can be negotiated with the Principal.


However, it is the expectation that all families make every effort to meet their financial commitments to ensure equity for all families.