Religious Education

Trinity Catholic Primary School strives to grow and deepen the lived expression of our Catholic faith and identity. We actively develop, promote and support the role of the school in our parish. We seek to further deepen our understanding and
practise of Ignatian Spirituality, and the values and beliefs of other faiths.


Trinity Catholic Primary School aims to provide a Religious Education Program as an integral part of the curriculum. We use the recommended Catholic Education Melbourne guide, "The Pedagogy of Encounter" to integrate Religious Education throughout all areas of the curriculum. To complement this guide, the school uses a number of resources including scripture. We also provide opportunities for our students to participate in prayer and liturgical celebrations.


At Trinity Catholic Primary School we aim to explore Catholic ideals and instill in our students the attitudes and values of Jesus Christ as revealed to us through the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church.  We use dialogue to make connections between the Christian faith and other religions. 


Ignatian Spirituality

As a Jesuit School, we reflect and promote Ignatian Spirituality and the Jesuit values of:

  • Finding God's presence in all things
  • A desire to reach one's fullest potential
  • A lifelong love of learning
  • Respect and care for self and others
  • Developing confidence in one's own gifts and talents
  • A commitment and involvement in the wider community and to building a more just society


St Ignatius, on whom the Ignatian Spirituality is based, believed that it was essential to continually reflect on our lives. He believed we should stop at the end of the day, reflect on our experiences and try to recognise where God has been in our day. We call this reflective time "The Examen" and we share this time together each Friday from 2.20pm to 2.30pm.

Sacramental Program

Our Religious Education curriculum incorporates the Prep to Year 6 Sacramental Program. Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation are explored at each year level, providing on-going and deepening awareness of the Sacraments. The focus years for the celebration of the Sacraments occurs as follows: Sacrament of Reconciliation (Grade 3), Sacrament of Eucharist (Grade 4) and Sacrament of Confirmation (Grade 5 and 6).



Grades take turns in planning and preparing Masses. Whole school masses are celebrated on special liturgical occasions.